Help your employees engage earlier in their well-being

We conveniently and discretely connect healthcare workers, military service members, and other customers with emotional and mental health services through our two flagship products, Cabana and Third Room. Find out how Even Health can help improve mental wellness at your organization.

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Create another door for mental health support

Support your team members by giving them access to mental and health resources anytime, anywhere.  Even Health provides solutions designed to overcome privacy, cost, and convenience concerns most cited by employees.
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Cabana is a digital mental health platform for healthcare professionals that allows users to connect through professionally moderated peer groups.
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Third Room is a virtual reality platform that provides spiritual and non-spiritual counseling and on-demand experiences in prayer, meditation, and mental resilience training.
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Why we're here

Female Nurses are 2.0x times more likely to commit suicide than general population
(JAMA, 2018)
71% higher risk in medical errors from caregivers with poor mental health
(Melnyk et al, 2018)
It takes 10 years on average for someone to seek support for mental health issues.
(Wang et al, 2004)

What clients are saying

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"Cabana is a space where you feel safe to feel vulnerable; to share ideas and perspectives with others while focusing on your well-being."
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"Oh, Wow! I am so pleased with the moderator's ability to focus and directly engage with each of the participants. This is the jump start that I needed today. Grateful for Cabana."
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"I give the value of anonymous support a 10/10 - young nurses worry about people talking about them being weak.  They can actually share what they are really feeling in Cabana."
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