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Cabana is an enterprise-scale digital mental health platform for healthcare employers. Whether you're a large hospital or mid-sized care organization, the Cabana platform connects your employees to best-in-class professionally moderated peer groups and mental health support.

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How Cabana Works

Assess Population Health Needs
On-boarding begins with a clinical and utilization assessment of your employee's population health needs based on past measure and future predictions.
Customize Program Topics
Based on your employee's predicted needs and leadership priorities, we will custommize a support program schedule to drive engagement
Promote and Engage
Our program can easily align with established EAP and wellness benefits. We work with HR and executive teams to align messaging and employee onboarding
Measure and Refine
We evaluate utilization, satisfaction, and impact reporting with every partner and adjust program schedules to drive ROI and meet leadership goals

Engaging Features for Employees

No camera
Leave that camera off and even alter your voice for total anonymity and complete assurance that you can protect yourself while being vulnerable.
Professional moderators
Pick from a menu of professionally moderated group sessions geared especially for the needs of today's healthcare professionals.
Sessions on your time
Join sessions that fit your schedule from anywhere you can connect to the internet through your phone or laptop.
Connect with your peers
Connect, share, and grow with your peers across the country who understand the joys and challenges that come with the field.
Evidence-informed design
Participate sessions and enjoy content that was designed to have tangible impacts on your mental health, adapted from experts in the industry.
On-demand content
Listen to on-demand content to guide you through meditation, mindfulness, or self-improvement exercises on your schedule.

Our Everyday Heroes face Everyday Problems

We offer hospitals and health systems a modern solution to removing the stigma of discussing emotional health concerns by providing your employees with a safe space for difficult conversations, offering anonymity, no camera, and the ability to mask an employee's voice.

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"Cabana is a space where you feel safe to feel vulnerable; to share ideas and perspectives with others while focusing on your wellbeing."
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